God is taking me on a journey to being a better husband, a better father, and a better man. I am not a perfect man, I have made many mistakes and sinned against God and my family.  But for twelve years, I have been in Christ, and He has been refining me, drawing from me the poison of selfishness and apathy that had stained my lost soul. Washed clean by the blood of Christ, I am a new creation, a new man. Still not perfect, but growing in faith and faithfulness.  I am the husband and protector of my wife, father and guardian of my daughters, and a defender of the faith.  I have much to say, because I have learned much from my mistakes. God blessed me with this passion, the love of writing, and the willingness to speak out on the things He has laid on my heart. May He give to you the passion to grow along with me in this journey to true manhood.


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